Starfish Class

Welcome to Starfish class!

Starfish is the first class children join when they start their journey of learning through Mevagissey School. We are a mixed Reception and Year 1 class, where learning is fun, exciting, challenging and encouraging. Our teachers are Mrs Hoare, Miss Bailey and Mrs Gilbert.

Children in Starfish are taught using the Early Years Curriculum, which encompasses learning through purposeful, yet challenging play.

Have a look at some pictures of our children while they are learning in our wonderful surroundings

Early Years

Ready Steady Go!

The first topic for the Early Years children is learning how to be at school. This is focused on ensuring children are happy and feel comfortable starting school, learning school routines, exploring the indoor and outdoor environment and making friends. They learn their Golden Rules and begin learning their sounds through RWI and foundation number skills. 

Spring Term 2017

This term, Starfish class have been learning about Growth and Changes. We have been exploring lifecycles of hens, butterflies and bean plants. The children have had some very exciting ‘hands-on’ experiences with the live eggs incubating in the class and hatching 3 successful chicks. Unfortunately, not all the chicks were as strong as Goldy, Stripy and Blacky, but the children showed care and compassion when looking after the weaker of the chicks and helping to keep it warm and fed.

Our caterpillars have now turned into cocoons, and the children are waiting patiently for them to emerge as butterflies! They have particularly enjoyed writing about the changes that have occurred with the eggs/ chicks and caterpillars.

We have spent a lot of time outside tending to the class gardens and planting seeds. The children have watered the seeds, noted changes occurring and helped to re-pot the seedlings as they have got bigger. We have investigated what seeds need to grow healthily by planting some in the dark, some in the light and by giving some water or some no water. We have taken part in a planting workshop, planting using a variety of containers. Our displays have been sent to Boconnoc Flower Show.  We have linked our English to Jack and the Beanstalk, using talk the text to remember the story and re-write it in our own style.

We had Daya visit and spend the day teaching us about the Hindu faith and the Indian lifestyle. The children were very excited when trying on Indian clothes and trying Indian dancing. They carried out role play when meditating and worshipping to the Hindu gods. We made ciabatta bread and some of the children were willing to try potato curry – and enjoyed it!

We were also lucky enough to take part in an Easter workshop with Tesco. We tasted hot cross buns and designed an Easter egg. Some of the children won chocolate eggs for their designs. 

Summer Term 2017

Our topics will be Rainforests and Pirates. We are hoping to visit Newquay Zoo to help us learn more about animals that live in the rainforest and comparing them to animals that live in our environment. Also, we will be exploring where rainforests are in the world and what they look like. The classroom will become a rainforest! We will be learning texts linked to rainforests (Jungle Book, Rumble in the Jungle) to develop writing using interesting vocabulary.

After half term, we will become pirates! The children will be embracing sea shanties and comparing seaside holidays now and long ago. We are launching beach schools and will use regular trips to the beach to develop our learning about pirates. As well as learning about some famous pirates (Harry Carter, Blackbeard), we may even have a visit from some local pirates! Arrrrr me hearties!