Starfish Class

Welcome to Starfish class!

Starfish is the first class children join when they start their journey of learning through Mevagissey School. Our learning is fun, exciting, challenging and encouraging. Our teachers are Mrs Hoare, Miss Bailey and Mrs Gilbert.

Spring term 2018


The children have been learning about Space during the 1st half term. They have all shown huge amount of enthusiasm when learning new facts about planets, famous astronauts and animals that were sent up into space. This enthusiasm has enabled the children to develop their writing skills in different ways with some writing in full sentences and others using initial sounds to write words.

The children have continued to receive their daily Read, Write Inc sessions and are showing very pleasing results in their reading and writing.

We have learnt about Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong and why they are famous. The children have made all the planets in the solar system and have enjoyed writing about them. We have researched which animals have been sent to space over time and the children learned that fruit flies, monkeys and even a dog were sent up.

The classroom has been transformed into a space rocket and the children have dressed up as astronauts and imagined themselves visiting space and being chased by aliens.

They have enjoyed using junk and tin foil to create their own space rockets, which we used during maths sessions when measuring taller and shorter objects. The children have continued to develop their understanding for numbers and have been developing their understanding for addition and subtraction. We have been using pennies each day to count amounts when paying for their fruit at snack time.

We have been moving in a variety of ways in our weekly dance sessions. The children have developed listening carefully to the music and following instructions when moving like astronauts, spinning planets and shooting stars.

On the Farm

After half term we will be starting our On the Farm topic. We are hoping to visit a working farm to learn about animals and the foods that are produced on farms. The children will be learning about lifecycles of different animals, such as chicks, butterflies and farm animals. We will be comparing animals and their young. We are hoping to get some living eggs to hatch in the classroom and have ordered some caterpillars that we are hoping to watch transform into butterflies.

The children will be planting and growing vegetables in the science gardens during this half term. They will be learning how plants grow and what they need to be healthy. We are hoping to use the vegetables we grow to cook some tasty food. We will be clearing out the pond and hoping to observe frogs and newts in their natural habit.

The children will continue to develop their reading and writing with daily Read, Write Inc sessions and will spent time writing independently as well as being guided by an adult.

In maths, children will continue to develop an understanding for numbers up to 10 and 20. Children will develop counting objects accurately, add and subtract using objects and develop measuring using cubes and other equipment. We will begin using 1p, 2p and 5p when paying for their fruit at snack time.